Botox Cosmetic



Botox had nearly seen endless use. Known to be a versatile treatment to relax the muscles, cure over sweating and eliminating wrinkles, botox is also known to have seen use in the cosmetic industry. Taking another name known as “onabotullinumtoxinA”, it is an injection prescription medicine used to improve the overall look of frown lines, wrinkles and poor skin, such as cracks and dryness. Finally I can go out and face society!


Before The Treatment

People may grasp the fact of what botox does for them, in terms of retaining youthful skin and eliminating wrinkles, but not the precautionary facts of undergoing such a sensitive treatment. Although having approval by the FDA in the US for this product, there is still a certain amount of risk to understand and learn, such as an early investigation of the patient’s medical history, to learn more about their allergies, known chemical reactions and family.


What Does It Do?

Muscles that tend to be “stiff” or not relaxed, is caused by the release of a chemical called acetylcholine that causes such symptoms. Botox blocks that releases, denying of that chemical, in order to relax the muscles. For those that suffer from excessive sweating from the forehead, this neurotoxin is also known to help eliminate such an embarrassing issue, by also blocking the chemical that releases the sweat glands.


It Is Not The Cure for Aging

Botox is not a cure, and symptoms will return gradually once it wears off, and you may need to visit the centre again for another injection, and it will be on a repeated basis. The body will age, but the skin will not. This form of preservation can only take you so far.


How It Works for Sight and Mind

Still considered a face related treatment, the botox cosmetic is known to also address symptoms related to the eye,  apart from eye wrinkles, of course. It helps against cross-eyes,  eye muscle problems, and blepharospasm, which is commonly known as excessive twitching. The FDA has specifically approved botox to be for the eyes, therefore it is a safe and legal product to use for any consumer. Lastly, it is known to be of a great help for those who suffer from migraines. It basically blocks sensory nerves that send pain messages to the brain, and relaxing those muscles, thus lessening the sensitivity of pain, the number of headaches one contracts, and less severe headaches  around the brain.


The Right Time for The Right Treatment

People often misunderstand botox. It is only to be used by those who are of old or older age, when wrinkles and grown lines start happening around the face. These wrinkles and such happen from repeated folding of the skin, no matter the age. If they were able to inject at an earlier age instead of their intended ages when the wrinkles and folds are already existing, it may keep them from ever producing them in the first place. The lines would never develop if you slow down the use of the muscles early.