Botox Fillers

Botox fillers are a non-surgical rejuvenation. Being much more affordable, the fraction of the price of the conventional traditional facelift, and is considered to be an extremely potent treatment, made to combat age and wrinkles, just what every woman wants to hear. Also adopted “Wrinkle Fillers” as an alternative name, it is different than normal botox injections, even though both injections and fillers are administered via injection.


What Do They Contain?

Fillers contain substances that are naturally produced in your body.

1. Collagen- One of the main proteins in the body.

2. Hyaluronic Acid –  An acid distributed throughout the body, specifically in the skin tissues

3. Synthetic Microspheres – Micro-sized spheres that contain the intended substances.

These substances naturally fight wrinkles and shave off age from one’s face, and it has more to do with the skin than the muscles, as compared to Botox injection, where the purpose is diverse, but purely focusing on muscle relaxation and intentional paralysis.


Youth Being Given Back

Injected directly into the area of concern, using a tiny needle, occasionally with anesthetic, ice or creams to minimize discomfort. Fillers are extremely potent, and results are reportedly know to be close to immediate, with mild swelling that usually disappears in a day, two tops. Fillers consists of 3 important ingredients that are the catalysts of the age reversal process, namely hyaluronic acid, collagen and synthetic microspheres, the keep their beauty-reaping results for a good half year all the way to a full year. It’s diversity knows no bounds, as it is not only intended to be for fighting wrinkles , frown lines and crow’s feet, but also for lip improvement, in terms of size and shape. Fillers have also been know to be widely used for other dermatological contractions such as facial scars, eye bags, dark rings and depressions.


Feel Confident Without Too Much Worry

Although the fact that Botox can weaken the muscles from long term treatment, it is considered to be an issue to not be too worried or alarmed over, if the correct precaution and practices are exercised and learned. From the discipline of schedule, without the need to request for excess treatment and even simply not touching the already injected areas, can help in minimizing the risk of the Botox spreading to other parts of the area of concern, to prevent asymmetry and sensitive reaction, which can range from rashes, bloating and unevenness. All these factors must be considered in order to prevent any unintended damage,  and for the Botox stagnate to the intended muscles only, and nowhere else.


Only Let Qualified Aesthetic Doctors Touch Your Face

Usually the people to look for are specialists such as dermatologists and surgeons that offer the treatment. Those with experience and professional training are those who at least possess an American Society of Ophthalmic Place and Reconstructive Surgery certification, or respected equivalent in the fields of reconstructive surgery, dermatology and operational surgery.



Depending on where you go, it can vary from RM1200-RM2500.