Botox Injection


Safety First

Botox has been a controversial product throughout the decades, with fans singing praise for it and victims against. But to change the perception of the public on it’s image, is the very first question. Is it safe ? The answer is Yes and No. Yes, due to the fact that it simply does what it’s described to do. Eliminate the wrinkle process, and slow down aging. No, because it was not designed to cater to everyone’s body. The fact that it is a possible allergen for others, is evidence enough that it is not for everyone. Besides it being an allergen, there is no possible way to guarantee that botox would still work on your body.


Top Reactions To Look Out For

When it comes to injections, after the administration, it’s all about reaction. At it’s best, it will basically just do what it was made to do. Improve the face, no wrinkles and facial lines. As botox is a potential allergen to few, there are a variety of allergic reactions to look out for.

1. Rashes
2. Headache
3. Painful neck
4. Short of breath
5. Nausea
6. Overall weakness
7. Tenderness at the area of concern
If you have contracted the above symptoms while under the treatment of Botox consult your specialist immediately.


Typical Areas For Injection On The Face


Botox Infographic




The Things To Look Out For Before Taking Botox

It may be just a “little something” for your face, Botox is still something not to be taken lightly without concern. There are several precautionary measures to learn about before the usage of Botox injections.

1. It is not to be used during the period of pregnancy or nursing, as the neurotoxin has the possibility of spreading beyond the face and harm the child.

2. If you are under any other specific medications and supplements, where their substances conflict with those that are contained in Botox, causing an allergic reaction or an undesirable outcome.


Zinc Supplements

There has been a discovery of the effectiveness of Botox injections to be more potent and longer lasting with the use of zinc supplements, being able to prolong the duration of Botox injections by an impressive 30%. The chemistry behind it is simple. Botox is a neurotoxin, and it disrupts regular nerve function. Zinc is what makes it a neurotoxin. The zinc supplement not only contains zinc but also a phytase that speeds up the breaking down process of zinc in the body. Zinc supplements usually come in the form of pills and creams.


Zinc Supplements in Malaysia

Zinc supplements are very common and can be found in their local pharmacies like Guardian, Caring and Vitacare, although for more stronger grade ones, that are more for those with zinc deficiency, are prescribed by doctors.


The Best Trifecta

Botox, fillers and zinc supplements, when combined together, potentially eliminates aging almost completely, but only for a limited period of time. To have to go for injections and fillers every few months, along with daily consumption of zinc supplements, seems to be the only way to keep looking young and having beautiful skin. This can only be achieved through careful planning, better understanding of your body, your skin, and the consequences of Botox, whether you are allergic to it or not. Substance abuse is a very serious matter, and is known to permanently disfigure the face is not careful with such powerful forms of non-surgical cosmetics.

Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Injection
Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Injection

Botox can be used on most parts of the face to reduce wrinkles, especially those which appear when one makes a facial expression.