Cost of Botox


Botox is one of the most popular forms of facial constructions around the world. Botulinum injections have many benefits. There are Botox fillers and Botox injections. Botulinum injections can treat wrinkles, muscle stiffness and spasms, sweating, headaches, migraines, face lifting, as well as many other conditions. The cost of Botox can greatly vary around the world. The cost of Botox Injections in Malaysia ranges from (USD 4.80 – USD 7.00 Per unit.) It is surprisingly more affordable there than it is here in the United States. By prices being lower there, it is more likely that people get Botox Injections while traveling. It is also more likely that Malaysia natives use it more and therefore they look younger. Now the placing on where you need or want the Botox filler will vary by unit. You may need 60 units in one spot and 2 in another. It is more likely that around the eyebrow area you will only need 2-5 fillers, and around the jaw line you may need 5-40 fillers. Your skin type, and type of injection depends on how much you will need in which placement and ultimately how much it will cost you. Bio Genesis in Malaysia is a good Aesthetics practice in Malaysia. The cost of one of their promotions is RM 1600. That is only $407.16 in the US dollar in comparison to the prices that range from $1,600 – $3,600 USD elsewhere. Now just because it’s cheaper there doesn’t mean it’s bad Botox. The cost of living in Malaysia is very different from any other place in the world. No matter if you are in Australia, Europe, South America, or North America, the cost will vary. Things will be different. No matter what Botox is very safe, effective, and it changes people’s lives.