Skincare Online Malaysia: Finding the Right Beauty Products for Your Age


As we grow older, our bodily functions undergo changes. From 20s to 30s, our metabolism slows down, which is why some women gain weight even when they eat the same food and the same amount years ago. From age 30 to 40, the skin’s ability to regenerate skin cells slows down, hence visibly showing signs of aging such as wrinkles and dry skin. From age 40 and onwards, sagging of skin is visible, especially if there is weightloss.


It is therefore important to adapt your beauty regimen to the changes in your body. The toner that you used ten years ago might not do you any good today. Here’s a guide on the beauty products that you should use based on your age. You can easily browse for your skincare online Malaysia products with this guide in hand.

Skincare Products for Those in Their 20s

The earlier you start caring for your skin, the better. Those in their early 20s might still be feeling the after effects of puberty: acne-prone skin and oily face. In the meantime, those in mid to late 20s might still be enjoying the perks of youth by partying all night and eating excessive junk food, which can lead to poor skin health. Whichever you are, here are the basic products that you would need to care for your skin:

  • Anti-acne facial wash – this can help keep breakouts at bay.


  • Broad-spectrum sunscreen – although you may not notice it yet, but exposure to sun can lead to premature aging. Protect your skin early.


  • Moisturizer – use lightweight types if you have oily skin.


  • Makeup remover – Stop sleeping with your makeup on. Use this to quickly remove makeup and dirt that has accumulated on your face throughout the day.


Skincare Treatments for Those in Their 30s

In your 30s, your skin can no longer keep as much as water as it used to, so you need to help it. Aside from drinking lots of water every day and reducing your caffeine intake, topical application can help a lot. The previous products mentioned above are not to be thrown away; instead you need to add a few more products in your list. These are:


  • Face mist – keep your face hydrated all day with a face mist. You can spray directly on your face, even with makeup on.


  • Exfoliant – your skin can no longer exfoliate naturally and regularly as it used to, which is why you should help it by using an exfoliant. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells to uncover new cells.


  • Day serum – pigmentation is the number one enemy of those in their thirties. Prevent or remove dark spots on your face with a day serum that not only protects, but also nourishes your skin with active ingredients and vitamin C.


  • Night cream – this product helps rejuvenate your skin while resting. And because you are not exposed to a harsh environment, the product is easily and effectively absorbed by your skin at night.


Beauty Regimen for Those in Their 40s and Above

Upon reaching your 40s, you will easily notice fine lines around your mouth and crow’s feet around your eyes. There is also a tendency for your skill to sag and look dull. In order to regain that youthful look, the following products should be added to your beauty cabinet:


  • Wrinkle-filler creams – wrinkle fillers contain hyaluronic acid that induces the production of collagen. Collagen helps the skin become smooth and firm. This product also keeps moisture locked in, which maintains cell hydration throughout the day.


  • Eye serum – when the skin underneath the brows starts to droop, it is time to apply an eye serum that will tighten the sensitive skin around the eyes. An eye serum or cream can also reduce appearance of crow’s feet


  • Nourishing sleeping mask –you need to maximize the time at night to continue nourishing your skin. Sleeping masks allow for better absorption of active ingredients that your skin needs to be rejuvenated.

Aside from aging, other factors that contribute to skin changes are environmental factors, stress and hormonal issues. Remember to use products that match your skin type in order to reap the benefits and have radiantly beautiful face whatever your age. You can easily find these skincare products in Clarins Malaysia.