The Truth about Botox: What You Need to Know Before Undergoing Surgery

Modern science offers various remedies when it comes to holding back the signs of aging on the skin’s visible layers. Botox is among the most popular options in many parts of the world, its name becoming almost synonymous with facial smoothing and wrinkle remedy.

What is Behind the Formula?

Strictly speaking, Botox refers to the drug manufactured from the Clostridium botulinum, which is a neurotoxin that disrupts biochemical signals from your nerves to your muscles. It is medically approved as an injectable for reducing the visibility of wrinkles, but its effects are not permanent although the difference in skin smoothness can be observed soon after treatment.

The drug may also have other approved medical applications such as relief of eyelid spasms and cervical dystonia or painful contractions in the neck and shoulder areas. It may be marketed under different names, including Dysport, Xeomin, Bocouture and Botox itself.

What is Behind the Action of Botox Injections?

Your nerves rely on the presence of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is usually present where nerve endings meet muscle cells. Under normal circumstances, acetylcholine is released at regular intervals and attaches to muscle cell receptors, causing the tissues to contract and shorten. Introducing a very small concentration of botulinum under the skin will disrupt the release of acetylcholine to prevent contraction of the muscles, weakening or paralysing these targeted muscles.

What to Expect During and After the Procedure

A small concentration of the botulinum toxin is diluted in a saline solution. This formulation is injected directly into neuromuscular tissues in the affected areas.

The procedure itself takes only a few minutes to complete usually at a health provider’s office or an outpatient clinic. You will be cautioned not to rub the injection sites during the first two to three hours after treatment. You can usually go back to your normal routine after that.

The effects on crow’s feet and forehead lines will be visible within two to three days from the procedure, but it may take up to a week to appreciate the full effects of the treatment. Expect the skin smoothing effects to last about two to three months, and be prepared to repeat the treatment within six months to maintain wrinkle-free facial skin.

Side Effects and Unexpected Results of the Procedure

In the hands of trained and experienced health professionals, Botox injections are generally tolerated with minimal side effects reported. The most common side effects include some localised pain and erythema on the injection site, passing numbness and unexpected paralysis or weakness of surrounding muscles. Some patients may experience a touch of nausea, headaches, dysphagia and flu-like symptoms. Other effects may include dry mouth, rashes and localised swelling. Make sure to contact your healthcare provider at the first sign of unexpected reactions.

Benefits and other Considerations

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reports that Botox injections are the most common nonsurgical procedures performed by its members worldwide, accounting for the lion’s share of treatments provided in these facilities. The procedure has been safety-tested and Botox in Malaysia as well as anywhere else in the world follows rigid medical protocols to ensure optimum outcome for patients.

Application of the botulinum product is convenient, resulting in very little downtime for patients. There is almost instant gratification with this procedure because the results are evident within days. Overall, injectable botulinum for aesthetic purposes is a less painful option than dermabrasion, chemical peel or surgical facelift.

The costs of the treatment may vary, depending on location and your specific requirements. In general, affordability is one of the factors driving the popularity of this cosmetic procedure amongst female and male patients seeking to erase wrinkles. However. it is important to remember that the treatment will have to be repeated every three to six months to sustain the desired effect.

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