What is Botox

You may have heard of a wonderful treatment that helps get rid of wrinkles and expression lines, but just what is Botox? Well, its name owes a lot to the type of substance that’s injected directly into the skin to impede muscle movement and stop wrinkles from further developing or worsening.

Its name Botox or Botulinum toxin originated from the word “botulous” which means sausage. This can be referenced to the harmful substance that’s uncommonly found in concentrated levels in bad meat products that can paralyze or even kill when consumed. It’s recognized as the most poisonous substance available but purified doses in minute quantities is safe for treatment.

Botox injections has since become one of the most famous cosmetic treatment in the globe as celebrities such as Demi Moore and Meg Ryan are known for being active endorsers of this procedure.


Botox, what is it

Botox treatment works by hindering the movement of nerve signals to the afflicted muscles around the point of injection. This treatment helps to relax muscles and reduce its activity which in turn lessens the occurrences of facial lines.


The procedure

Upon insertion into the affected area, it stops muscle development by blocking neurotransmitters for up to 4-6 months. The albeit brief effect of Botox makes this treatment necessary to be administered every couple of months to maintain its desirable effects.

Because of its potentially asymmetrical effects like muscle drooping, frozen expressions and risky consequences, Botox should only be performed by a qualified medical practitioner (ideally a cosmetic surgeon) as it is imperative to get the right amount of substance administered. If performed correctly, there aren’t many known problems that associated with Botox. Should you intend to stop treatment for whatever reason, muscle functions and the ageing process will resume normal functionality.

It has become socially accepted to hold Botox gatherings in the US whereby like minded aficionados can bear the cost of the treatment together by sharing the serum and performing the injections. However, the FDA of America strongly advocates against such parties and that patients should be vigilant about such parties as offered by unscrupulous practitioners.


Not just a wrinkle treatment. What is Botox used for?

It can be performed for a variety of reasons to help treat common conditions such as lazy eye and cervical dystonia. Botox is now gaining traction for its ability to treat excessive hand and underarm sweating. However, for beauty and aesthetic purposes, it has become widely accepted a safe and effective wrinkle treatment to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on our faces.

While it may have a plethora of uses, new methods are constantly being researched and discovered all the time. Through ageing, the muscles that’s used to convey facial expressions, sun exposure can carve out unsightly grooves, wrinkles and lines in our skin which don’t disappear even when the muscles are relaxed. Botox helps to relax muscles and make skin more youthful and less wrinkly.


Botox side effects and cost

Botox is usually sold by vials or patients may be subjected to a fee based on the number of areas injected. Its cost may vary greatly but if Botox is administered correctly, it’s deemed as a safe and effective treatment with little to no occurrences of side effects.

On the odd occasion, some minor bruising or redness may appear near the point of injection but worry not for it will subside fairly quickly. Sometimes patients may experience discomfort in speaking, swallowing and breathing because your muscles may become too relaxed. Should this happen or an allergic reaction is triggered, seek immediate medical attention from your doctor. Do take note that such instances are rare.

As with most drugs, side effects are likely to occur and this list doesn’t give a full breakdown. To find out more about Botox side effects, do consult with your doctor or pharmacist.

Many patients have been known to have their lunch and return to work right after getting a Botox injection! The effects of Botox on muscles is noticeable within a couple of hours, however its main effects will only be apparent after about a week has passed.